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Reese Management Company has experience working with developers of new communities. There are significant differences in managing new communities as compared to established communities. Reese Management Company works with community developers from before the first shovel has hit the ground through the final home sale of a new community. The same successful financial processes, communications and administrative services that work best for established communities are equally of value for new communities. Reese Management Company is able to professionally meet the needs of the developer While providing support for the development of a new community with new neighbors and new amenities. Reese Management Company has the knowledge and experience of working with Homeowners Associations that are being newly developed as well as Homeowner Associations that are in the process of transitioning from developer control to board control. Our experience and knowledge at Reese Management Company provides the perfect background to best serve developers throughout Pennsylvania.

New Community – HOA Management Developer Services

Reese Management Company offers both consulting services as well as HOA management services to developers. Consulting services range from advising, drafting and reviewing governing HOA documents to budgetary review to amenity guidance. HOA management services include all of the services provided to established communities as well as regular communication and planning review with the developer to best ensure a smooth hand off form developer to association.

Reese Management Company is there to guide a community from the first shovel full of soil to developer control to a homeowner run HOA Board of Directors.

Reese Management Company HOA Management Developer Services emphasize:

  • Consulting on HOA Governing Documents – The team at Reese Management Company has unparalleled knowledge and experience both drafting and reviewing community governing documents Reese Management Company works together with developers creating governing documents which follow Pennsylvania statutes, are clear, concise, and written in easily understandable language. The governing documents are the foundation on which the community association moves forward as an entity.
  • Initial Financial Budget – Reese Management Company works together with the developer in the financial planning process of drafting the initial community association budget so that the new community has a good path forward for budgets today, tomorrow and long term.
  • HOA Structure – Reese Management Company can help review the different types of community associations available to the developer as well as the benefits of each {HOA, Condo Association, Planned Community, 55+ Community}. Further Reese Management Company reviews the best options based upon the specific site plan for the community. The team at Reese Management Company have extensive experience to best counsel developers on the most appropriate options for the new community.
  • Common Elements, Limited Common Elements, and Community Amenities – Reese Management Company has the experience and knowledge to best counsel developers on how to arrange common elements, limited common elements and community amenities.

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