Capital Improvement Repair & Replacement Project Management Coordination

Every HOA and Condominium Association will at some point require capital improvement repair and replacement projects. As communities mature or encounter damage the need to repair and replace the Association infrastructure becomes necessary. This is the reason that HOA’s and Condominium Associations have reserve funds. The task of coordinating various contractors and construction professionals can be a very time-consuming obligation for a volunteer Board of Directors who have their own personal obligations responsibilities. The team at Reese Management Company is ready, willing, and able to work together with the Board of Directors to assist with budgeting and funding the project, whether it is a capital repair or a capital replacement Reese Management Company will be there with your HOA or Condominium Association from the very beginning all the way through final project completion.

Professional Coordination for Capital Improvement Repair & Replacement Projects for HOA’s and Condo Associations

Reese Management Company is there to assist the Board of Directors with working with engineers, architects, accountants and attorneys to make your capital improvement project a success. Capital improvement projects typically require drafting a Request for Proposal, negotiations with contractors, dealing with insurance companies, and most importantly clear and concise communication with all residents. Reese Management Company is there to make sure that your capital improvement repair and replacement project will be a success from start through completion. The Board of Directors will feel confident knowing that the team at Reese Management Company is there to assist with all community needs.

Reese Management Company has overseen capital projects that ranged from several thousand dollars to several hundred of thousand dollars and everything in between. Examples of capital projects that Reese Management Company been involved with include but are not limited to: roof replacement, siding replacement, stone removal and replacement, concrete repair and replacement, common area roadways repaving and sealcoating, curbing repair and replacement, storm water management system repair and replacement and building structural foundation replacement.

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