Coatesville Condo Association Professional Management

Reese Management Company has professionally managed Condominium Associations in Pennsylvania since 2005. Reese Management Company understands that Coatesville Condominium Associations are not the same as Homeowners Associations. Condominium Associations are a completely unique form of legal ownership that create their own customized property management needs. Condominium Associations in Coatesville need a professional management company with the proper expertise and experience, team members, technology and established systems to best meet the specific needs of your Coatesville Condominium Association. Reese Management Company provides  Condominium Association management Coatesville owners can depend on. Our management services ranging from financial to on-site staff to a team of knowledgeable Condominium Association administrators. Reese Management Company works together with Condominium Association board of directors to best promote strong property values.

Coatesville Condo Association Management Professional Solutions

Many Condominium Associations in Coatesville have their own specific property maintenance issues, community amenities, and community issues. The team at Reese Management Company works together with Condo Association board of directors to best plan for today, tomorrow and the future. Reese Management Company utilizes our unparalleled knowledge of Pennsylvania law to help board members and homeowners best understand their Condominium Association governing documents. Reese Management Company appreciates that the Board of Directors are volunteers and Reese Management Company is available to share or take over any aspect of Condo Association Management that the board decides. Reese Management Company provides support and guidance to the Board of Directors and residents for all of their Coatesville Condo Association related questions.

Condominium Management Coatesville


Coatesville Condo Association Management Services Offered:

condominium association management coatesville

Financial Management

  • Preparation and review of monthly financial reports.
  • Collection of Condo Association fees including mailing owners’ statements of account.
  • Assist Condominium Association in having an organized payment processing center through the Condominium Association’s financial institution lock box.
  • Maintaining a Condo Association portal where owners’ can review their own account payment history 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Assisting the Board of Directors in preparation of the annual Condominium Association Budget.
  • Working together with the Condominium Association Board of Directors on collection matters that may require legal action including but not limited to litigation.
  • Obtaining Request for Proposals from qualified contractors at reasonable prices.
  • Provide standard documentation required for sale transactions and mortgages.


  • Reese Management Company is the point of contact for all resident related questions and concerns.
  • Responsiveness to homeowner communications via telephone, email, fax and letter. Typical response time for non-emergency matters is within twenty-four business hours.
  • Maintain a call center for after hour emergencies.
  • Communicate with Condo Association contractors regarding projects, costs, residents and project specifications.
  • Transmit violations of governing documents and follow-up as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Arrange for and attend the Condominium Association Annual Meeting.
  • Attend and prepare meeting packets for Condominium Association regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Communicate with professional service providers such as accountants, engineers and attorneys regarding the specific needs of the Condominium Association.
  • Inform residents of any changes to the Condominium Association governing documents.

Additional Services Include:

Vendor Management

  • Work together with the Condo Association Board of Directors to draft Request for Proposals for community services and community projects.
  • Require community vendors provide up to date certificates of insurance.
  • Review vendor performance with the Condo Association Board of Directors.
  • Create short term and long-term maintenance goals within the budgetary limitations of the Condominium Association.
  • Together with the Board of Directors create an agreed upon schedule for inspecting the infrastructure of the Condominium Association.

Administrative Functions

  • Maintain updated set of all Condominium Association governing documents including but not limited to Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions & Easements, By-Laws, and Rules & Regulations.
  • Maintain updated record of owners including available contact information, specific condo information, approved modifications, etc.
  • Maintain and update records of resident’s correspondence.
  • Maintain records of meetings as typically provided by the Condominium Association Board of Directors.
  • Maintain tracking system of Condominium Association calls to action.
  • File and review all Condominium Association contracts.

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