We appreciate and understand that all board members are volunteers. Board members volunteer their time and talents without compensation because they care about their communities. Our goal is to work together in a team approach with the board of directors to make sure that the community is running effectively and that homeowners feel a sense of community. Reese Management Company handles the day to day operations of the community while the board of directors makes the executive decisions.

Our goal is not to tell communities which vendors they must select. Reese Management Company has never had a preferred vendor list. Reese Management Company has never charged vendors any fees to be on a preferred vendor list. Our concern is that communities get results. It is our team approach that helps boards and communities get the best possible vendors to work together.

Communication is central to any customer service business. We believe that the moment a homeowner calls into our offices that we want their experience to be a positive one. We understand that we cannot always solve every issue immediately, but that if we all work together in a constructive manner, that we can do our very best to achieve the best possible result. We are the primary contact point for every community that we manage. We always try to return all telephone calls within 24 business hours provided that a name, community and telephone number are provided to us. Our telephone lines are monitored 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Emails are responded to as soon as possible. In an effort to avoid having your email go to spam please place only your community name as the subject line in your email. If you do not receive a prompt response to email please call us as soon as possible.

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