In 2005, Reese Management Company was founded by Lee M. Koch, Esq. Today, Reese Management Company is responsible for managing thousands of homes in Pennsylvania. Reese Management Company has built its business by believing firmly in “A Sense of Community”.

Prior to founding Reese Management Company, Lee M. Koch, Esq. had been representing homeowner and condominium associations as their legal counsel since 1996. In representing associations, Mr. Koch became acquainted with the issues facing associations. He began to understand what makes associations successful and how they can get results. After being encouraged by Association board members, Mr. Koch decided to set up his own property management company and Reese Management Company was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 2005.

Mr. Koch is uniquely qualified to serve as the President and CEO of Reese Management Company. He has represented homeowner and condominium associations as their attorney since 1996. Lee served as the President of a homeowners association where he lived for a number of years. Mr. Koch also is a Pennsylvania licensed real estate broker and broker of record for a multi-licensee real estate corporation, Brady Realty Corporation.

His unique background as an attorney, past association board president, and licensed real estate broker all combine to make him uniquely qualified to lead Reese Management Company. However, it is our commitment to community and “A Sense of Community” that truly sets us apart.

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