Reese Management Company was started to serve the needs of homeowner and condominium associations. Communities were not truly happy with the choices available to them. The common themes that communities were looking for were personal service, reasonable rates and most importantly results. Communities did not want to feel that they were just another number, but rather wanted to feel “A Sense of Community”

We are a full service property management company that only manages homeowner and condominium associations in Pennsylvania. Reese Management Company utilizes our vast experience and knowledge of the laws of Pennsylvania to help communities follow local, state and federal laws. Equally as important, our team helps communities understand their community documents. Every community has its own unique set of declarations, by-laws and rules. Our goal is to help every community understand what makes their community unique and help them “Build A Sense of Community”.

Homeowners understand that when they purchase a home that is part of an association that means that they are now part of a community. Many people purchase homes in associations because they prefer to live in a community that has standards that go beyond local, state and federal laws. Reese Management Company works together with association boards to help associations maintain their home values. A big part of helping associations maintain their home values are through “A Sense of Community”

“A Sense of Community” in a perfect world is a feeling where every homeowner respects each other and respects their community. Reese Management Company strives to achieve “A Sense of Community” for every association that we manage. We recognize that in the real world achieving perfection is not always possible. However, by striving for “A Sense of Community” our associations are on their way to achieving results.

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